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Hello, my name is Melanie.

I am a native English speaker who grew up in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. I am a trained English coach - that's right! I am a language COACH, and not a teacher. Shortly, you will see why having a language coach is more important than a teacher, once you have reached the intermediate or advanced levels in English. Please read on, and you will find out more about my teaching method, my experience, and my education. I look forward to meeting you!

The difference between a teacher and a coach is the following:

A teacher will focus on reading, writing, learning large lists of vocab, and spending hours learning grammar from a book. A coach on the other hand, will take ALL the information you have learned over the years and help you to use it in a fast and fluid manner. A coach will help you to speak faster and more fluidly, with a better accent, and to listen with more ease.

Just as a coach at the gym will push you to do more, a language coach will also push you with drills. In class, there is no time to rest with a coach! In each class you will DO a lot and LEARN a lot in 1.5 hours. You will NOT rest for a second - just like in the gym. But just like going to the gym, going to a language coach is worth it - you WILL see results fast!

Your LANGUAGE & acting coach:

Let's be clear,  this is an English class, first and foremost. There are many wonderful acting classes in Madrid for focusing specifically on acting. That being said, in this class we will look at the English script very closely, we will learn it and understand it as well as possible, and then we will act out the scenes on the stage. Your scenes will be directed and you will be given the opportunity to perform them a couple of times, until you have "mastered" the language.  The class provides both English coaching and acting coaching. We will also film the scenes so that students can view their progress, both in English and acting.


I have many wonderful testimonials from past students who I have taught for many years, and others who I have taught most recently here in Madrid. 

I have tutored and coached English for many years. Back in Australia, I tutored many university students learning both English and French - I am bilingual in both languages since I was a child. I also taught English years ago, when traveling in San Jose, Costa Rica and more recently in Luang Prabang, Laos. 


As well as teaching English, I have worked in multimedia for over ten years, as a videographer, spokesperson and copywriter, creating marketing content for international companies.

I have worked both in front of the camera, and behind the camera on short films, feature films, corporate videos, documentaries and in the theatre. I have acted, directed and written on a number of film projects through my production company, and I have also coached actors for auditions, scenes, accent reduction and in various dialects. I love filmmaking, writing and acting... and I also love being a language coach - mixing these skills together is pure joy!

MY Education

I studied in the US at UCLA and Long Island University for a BA in Media Arts & Journalism and at Harvard University towards an MLA in Anthropology.

I also studied filmmaking, playwriting and theatre at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, and also trained in the Meisner, Adler and AIDA acting methods.

More recently, I trained at the Vaughan Systems language institute in Madrid, where I learned this incredible language teaching method. I still teach for Vaughan and enjoy it very much!