What is a Third Culture Kid?

Actualizado: 19 de oct de 2019

The term we use when we can't answer one of life's most simplest questions!

This is a term that is becoming a little more known, year by year. As the world gets smaller and smaller and as people travel and live abroad more than ever before, this generation and most future generations will be able to relate to this term.

They say, that you know you're a TCK when you get nervous, confused or simply can't answer the question easily: "where are you from?"

What most people would consider the most easiest question that one can answer about oneself, Third Culture Kids cannot as they don't have such a clear cut answer.

In my instance, as many of you might know... I am French/Italian on my mother's side, a Kiwi on my dad's side, born in Australia, raised in all three countries as well as the US, also spent a few years in Central America... then as an adult I have lived in Asia and now in Spain. Wow.

So after viewing the video, please answer these questions below:

Why can TCK's not answer this question easily?

What do most TCK's all have in common?

Do you know any TCK's or are you one yourself?

What is the speaker's TCK background?

What did you learn from this video or find interesting?

Do leave your comments below and I will look forward to reading them.

Did you come across any new expressions or phrasal verbs? If so, share below or when I see you in class :)


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