Vegan delish in madrid

Tasty and addictive... just like any other ice cream or dessert!

Today, I want to share a blog with you, one that was sent to me by one of my very best friends. She is not vegan, but being my friend she has come to learn a lot about vegan food, most notably that it is delish! That's right! Vegan food has come a long way in the last 5-10 years, all around the world there are now vegan cafes, ice cream shops, bakeries and restaurants popping up left, right and center. What I find extraordinary, is that whenever I go to a vegan restaurant, bakery or cafe in Madrid (or really anywhere in the world) the place is always packed and more than often you actually need to make a reservation or wait outside for half an hour. Yes, there are more vegans in the world today, but the people filling these vegan hot spots are not necessarily all vegan. It is wonderful to hear the raving reviews on a regular basis about vegan places from all around the world, from Portugal to Mexico, Cambodia and New Zealand, the world has gone vegan!

Have you ever been to a vegan food place in another country, if so, where?

Do share your experience with us below.

Let me ask you some questions:

Have you ever tried vegan food? If so, what type of food? Did you like or dislike it, and why?

What is vegan food to you?

What is the difference between a vegan and vegetarian diet?

Do you know any people who are vegan?

What do you think are the main reasons that people decide to be vegan or vegetarian?

What is another word for vegan?

Do these photos make you drool? Do they make you hungry?

Now, let's recap some expressions and figures of speech from above!

Are you familiar with the expressions and figures of speech written below?

If so, please translate them into Spanish or French and write a couple of sentences for each of one. This will test you to make sure that you really do understand them well AND are using them correctly.

  1. "she has come to learn..."

  2. "most notably"

  3. "being my friend"

  4. "popping up"

  5. "left, right and center"

  6. "always packed"

  7. "more than often"

  8. "raving reviews"

  9. "on a regular basis"

  10. "vegan places"

  11. "not necessarily"

  12. "just to name a few"

  13. "drool"

  14. "make" you hungry

  15. "a hot spot"

  16. What is the difference between the word "desert" and "dessert" and how do you pronounce each of these words?

R E A D T H E B L O G & A N S W E R !

Please click on the link BELOW and read the blog by Green Living Spain. Share any new things you have learnt in the blog or ask any questions that you might have about phrasal verbs, expressions, grammar, etc.

Creamy Ice Cream Tours in Madrid.

Enjoy your week! Don't forget tp treat yourself and check out a local vegan hot spot near your place or on your next travels :)


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