journey of the plastic water bottle

Actualizado: 19 de oct de 2019

What happens to that water bottle after we refresh our mouths and hydrate our bodies?

Often we are so busy with our day-to-day lives that we don't stop and think about the smallest details that pass under our noses.

For example: the plastic wrap we use to wrap our lunch in, the plastic straw we use each time we order a soda, the new plastic bag we inherit each time we buy groceries (a few times a week), the plastic cutlery we use for 5-minutes and throw away (sometimes a few times a week)... and last but not least, the dozens of water bottles we go through each month.

Not only does plastic do long-term harm to our bodies through the particles it releases into the food and water (but that's for another video, another time) but plastic also does damage to the planet, and in turn ourselves.

Do you ever wonder, where does it ALL go! There are so many humans on earth and we each consume SO much, will we run out of space to put our rubbish one day?

In this interesting little video, let's learn about the interesting and different journeys of three plastic water bottles.

What are the three different journeys?

Which is the worst journey?

Which is the best journey?

Please tell me three things below, that you can do in your everyday life, to do your part?

Remember: Each little action counts. If every human did JUST ONE little action, imagine the amazing results the planet and humanity would have!

Tell me about any new expressions of phrasal verbs you might have heard.


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