The Geriatric intern

Experience never gets old.

A few years ago Robert De Niro became an intern... that's right, Robert De Niro. Well, it was a role he played in a Hollywood comedy starring Anne Hathaway. Although amusing to many, this phenomenon is actually a growing trend among people 40+ and all the way into their golden years.

So why do people with usually so much experience decide to work for free? This is what this video discusses and what I would like you explain in the comments below.

For a little fun, below is the trailer for The Intern and underneath is the Tedx Talk by Carol Fishman Cohen.

That was a fun trailer! Now let's watch the Tedx Talk so we can discuss it in class... and don't forget to read (and answer) the questions below the video!

A few questions you can answer below are:

Did you hear any new and unfamiliar phrasal verbs or expressions in the trailer or the Tedx Talk?

Can you explain what the movie is about, in your own words?

Can you explain what the Tedx Talk is about, in your own words?

Explain the terms: 'geriatric' 'golden years' 'career change' 're-entry internship program' 'career break' 'relauncher' 'entry level position' and 'return-to-work programs'.

Why would a person decide to intern at a later age?

Have you ever met a 40 year old intern? or a 70 year old intern?

Would you consider an internships later on in life, and for what reasons?

I look forward to reading and hearing your answers in class.



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