The Australian bushfires: what is really going on?

An environmental scientist and a firefighter share their thoughts on the bushfires and what is really going on.

Let's talk about what is happening in Australia at the moment. It all began around October/November 2019 and we are now in January 2020. It's been a tough christmas and new year in Australia, a devastating and soul destroying start to the year for everyone. It's hard to watch your country on fire, to see people clinging to their children in the water in order to escape the flames, to see people on an apocalyptic beach with their pets and horses waiting to be saved, and to see images of helpless animals dying or lost, confused, not knowing where to go. These images will be branded in our memories forever.

READING: Below is an great article about wildlife and the bushfires with interesting videos and photos attached. Read the article, or choose a part of the article to read. Tell me about it below (or in class) and point out any new vocab, phrasal verbs or expressions. What did you learn reading this article?

WATCHING & LISTENING: Below are two great videos about climate change and the Australian bushfires. One perspective is from a firefighter and the other from an environmental scientist. Watch the videos, what accents can you hear? Tell me about what you have learnt from this video? Tell me about any new phrasal verbs, vocabulary, colloquialisms or expressions you might have picked up?

Tell me below or prepare a presentation for class: What are your thoughts on climate change? What are your thoughts on the Australian bushfires? Did you feel impacted by the images you saw? What have you learnt today?


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