Step by step achieves more

Actualizado: 19 de oct de 2019

Just looking at one foot and then the other is more powerful than seeing the big picture.

We have often been taught that "dreaming big" and "seeing the big picture" is what makes the beginnings of greatness. However, this is not always the case as Stephen Duneier explains in this inspiring Ted Talk. Duneier suggests that looking at the big picture can be overwhelming to the point of not completing the goal and can be the number one obstacle in a person's greatest life projects, ambitions and plights. He gives tips, examples and shares inspirational stories from his very full and adventurous life (which in itself is worth watching) as well as from the lives of world champions and people who are leaders in their various fields. This video will show you how it is possible to complete almost anything using this step-by-step technique. If you make those few small changes and see things from a different perspective, it could perhaps make all the difference in achieving your goals. It's certainly worth a watch!

Tell us below, are you usually a step-by-step kind of person or do you always see the "big picture"? In your opinion, how has this helped or hindered your achievements and accomplishments in life?


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