Quarantine humor

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From funny memes to way-out skits, humor has been our saviour in lockdown.

Hello students!

What an eventful year it has been so far, and we are barely halfway through!

We started off the year with the catastrophic bushfires in Australia, and before we had time to take a breath the planet was in lockdown for a new and dangerous monster, aka: the coronavirus or COVID-19.

We will never forget the memes and the great toilet paper (aka: TP) shortage that took place during the lockdown. Here are some funny ones to get you started!

Below is a funny, and very well made video, showing all the stereotypes that have evolved since the coronavirus began. Watch the video, and feel free to use the subtitles in English to help in certain parts where the accents or the pronunciation are not clearly understood. It's a funny video and I am sure each of you will be able to relate to at least a few of these "stereotypes".

Share below in the comments, which stereotype you relate to the most.

Share below new words, expressions and phrasal verbs you have learnt since the quarantine began?

Look up any of the bold words, verbs or phrases from above if they are unfamiliar to you, and share your knowledge with us below.

Which stereotype did you recognise yourself in? Explain.

(to recognise yourself/myself/herself/himself/themselves/ourselves in something - reflexive)

In the stereotype segment you have chosen from the video, which new words, expressions or phrasal verbs did you learn?

I look forward to hearing your quarantine stories below or in class, especially the funny ones!

Feel free to share any funny quarantine memes and videos below or on the facebook page.

Stay safe... and keep up with your English while you're in lockdown!


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