Emailing for your dream job

How are job applications similar to a school disco?

In this video Edward Druce gives you a 3-step formula on how to take your dreams to that next level. Hundreds and thousands of books and blogs are written daily on the "art" of email writing and self-marketing, but what is the truly best formula? There are so many! It can be overwhelming! After years of research, personal experience, and hundreds of books read, Druce will break it down for you with his simple yet effective formula:

Dream. Problem. Solution.

Emailing truly is an artform. Social media marketing is an important color in your palette. Paint yourself to success in technicolor!

Watch the video and learn more. Tell me more below, what are your goals and dreams, and how your goals and dreams can add value and solutions to peoples' or companies' lives?

Tell me below, which vocab and phrasal verbs you have learnt through this video?

Do you know what an A-type personality is? Does he talk about these types of people in the video, and how?

Druce talks about 'the recency effect' - what is this?

What are some of the no-nos when emailing? What are some of the recommendations?

What is comic sans?

Have a great day students! :)


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