A memory like an elephant

The truth about elephants in the wild... and in the English language.

This wonderful video animation below will open you up to a world of interesting facts that you did not know about the much admired elephant.

Can you tell me below a few interesting facts that took you by surprise in this video?

How is an elephant similar to a human?

Were there any new vocab words, phrasal verbs or expression you learnt watching the video?

Now, in English we have a number of expression that include the word elephant, a few of them are: a pink elephant, a white elephant, an elephant in the room, the elephant in the corner, to see the elephant vs to see pink elephants...and the most famous, an elephant never forgets!

Do you know the meaning of any of these expressions? Have you heard them before, perhaps in a conversation or remark made by someone, or even in a movie or series?

The video also makes mention of elephants in relation to art and music. Look it up online, and tell me what you find. There are stories about elephants who voluntarily paint and come from miles to listen to music.

Have fun with this video and blog!

...and just for fun, here are some pics of when I lived in Asia!


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