HABLAMOS INGLES uses a language teaching method that focuses on repetition and immediate correction of grammar and pronunciation, and also stresses the importance of accent reduction. This method allows students to learn English at a much faster pace, retain the language with more success, and speaking as fluidly as possible in a short amount of time. Each class is intense and action-packed, without a moment of rest in the classroom! You can think of your language coach as you personal trainer in the gym... you will be pushed, but you will see results!

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Learn this highly successful English language-learning method, where your English will become automated and fluid, like that of a native speaker. It's time to stop translating in your head, it's time to speak freely and fluidly!

You will be immersed in a high paced class without a moment to rest! Each class will cover many things from fast drills in grammar, colloquialisms, expressions, adjective enrichment, phrasal verb acquisition, listening, everyday role plays, and more. What's best! You will leave each class remembering (for the long term) what you learnt!

Each class is tailored to the student/s in the class, so that the teacher can iron out the problem areas and give specific exercises especially tailored to each student.

  • Four 1-hour classes per month
  • High pace classes! (you will not rest!)
  • 25€ per class
  • Madrid Centro location
  • Ability to recuperate missed classes*
  • After-work hours
  • Maximum 1-5 students per class
  • 100€ per month!

* students can make up classes if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the class.

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