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HABLAMOS INGLES uses a language teaching method that focuses on repetition and immediate correction of grammar and pronunciation. This method know as The Vaughan Method also stresses the importance of accent reduction. This language learning method allows students to learn English at a much faster pace, retain what they learn with more success, and speaking as fluidly as possible in a short amount of time. This method has also been specifically developed for Spanish-speakers learning English. Each class is intense and action-packed, without a moment of rest in the classroom! You can think of your language coach as you personal trainer in the gym... You will be pushed, but you will see great results! You will be pushed... and you will find confidence and lose any fears you have about speaking English. 

HABLAMOS INGLES utiliza un método de enseñanza que se centra en la repetición y la corrección inmediata de la gramática y la pronunciación. Este método conocido como El Método Vaughan también hace hincapié en la importancia de la reducción del acento. Este método de aprendizaje de idiomas les permite a los estudiantes aprender inglés a un ritmo mucho más rápido, retener lo que aprenden con más éxito y hablar lo más fluidamente posible en un corto período de tiempo. Este método también se ha desarrollado específicamente para los hispanohablantes que aprenden inglés. ¡Cada clase es intensa y llena de acción, sin un momento de descanso en el aula! Puedes pensar en tu entrenador de idiomas como tu entrenador personal en el gimnasio ... ¡Serás empujado, pero verás grandes resultados! Será presionado ... y encontrará confianza y perderá cualquier temor que tenga sobre hablar en inglés.



​- Intermediate and Advanced Students

- Business English

- English for travel or work

- Classes with between 1-3 students maximum

- Possibility to teach in your company office

- 2 hour classes | 3x per week


In these 2 hour classes you will have an action-packed class, three times a week with your native speaking coach, Melanie. You will be repeating grammatical phrases, questions & answers, learning tons of expressions, phrasals and much more! Through a number of exercises, each lasting between 5 - 20 minutes, as well as real-world situations, you will learn to speak and understand English better than ever before! You will also bring your English-speaking level up to a more fluent level. A lot of emphasis is placed on repetition and proper pronunciation, as well as accent reduction. These exercises are high-paced and will keep you on your toes! There is NO resting in these classes, they are intense! NO books are required, all will be given to you in class.



- This will generally include watching a short video or audio

- Speech practice: daily vocal practice of 1-2 sentences or words that you have difficulty with.

- Many times are available during the week, to fit your schedule.

- Classes will consist of 1-3 students, never any more. 


  • July OR August 

  • 2-hour classes

  • 3 times a week | 6 hours per week

  • 24 hours total class time

  • Choose you own schedule

  • Maximum 1-3 students per class 

  • 450€ Join now as spots are limited!


  • July AND August 

  • 2-hour classes

  • 3 times a week | 6 hours per week

  • 48 hours total class time

  • Choose you own schedule

  • Maximum 1-3 students per class 

  • 600€ Limited time! (Originally 800€)    


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