1. Get your English to a conversational level

  2. Get your English fluid - like a native speaker

  3. Learn the more colloquial manners of speaking

  4. Learn the vocab and expressions never seen in books

  5. Prepare for travel abroad

  6. Prepare for business meetings and conference calls

  7. Feel confident enough applying to an English language university 

  8. Feel confident enough applying for work in an English speaking company

  9. Feel confident enough to contact English language acting agents

  10. Feel confident enough to audition and perform in English

  11. Work on accent reduction

  12. Work on your listening skills with different types of accents

  13. Have the class catered to your particular needs and interests

  14. Fit it into your work schedule at the office or after work

14 things hablamos Ingles  

can help you achieve FAST


"You are a great teacher and I want to thank you for all your help" - Adolfo P

"I want to thank you for your classes, I really enjoyed them so much and I feel as though I made so much improvement in my listening and speaking" - Juan N

"It was a pleasure to meet you and have classes with you. I enjoyed your classes so much. You really made me work so hard! - Ana G

"I never missed a single class because I enjoyed them so much and I learned so many new things each time" - Sergio M

"I really enjoyed our classes, Melanie was so friendly but she also made me work hard and I saw the difference" - Lucia S

"Melanie understood my busy work schedule and taught me so much in such short classes each week. She also gave me short homework assignments that were interesting and that I could fit into my busy work schedule or watch on business flights." - Luis A.


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