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Plurales regulares en Inglés

In this lesson you will learn the rules when forming regular plural nouns. Make sure you read our other article on irregular plurals after this one.

Regular Plurals

To make a plural with most nouns in English, you simple add the letter S to the end of the singular form.

A CAT is – 2 CATS are
A LAMP is – 2 LAMPS are
A HAND is – 2 HANDS are

Simple, isn’t it. Hang on, there’s more.

Nouns that have the following sounds at the end – Z, S, SH, X, CH. Instead of adding the letter S, we add ES to the end. Notice that when we form these plural nouns with ES we also add an extra syllable at the end of the word, BUSH-ES

1 CHURCH is – 2 CHURCHES are
1 BUSH is – 2 Bushes are
1 TORCH is – 2 Torches are
1 BRUSH is – 2 Brushes are

Nouns ending in the letter O can be a little more difficult. You can form the plural by adding S, ES or sometimes both.

Often nouns ending in O with an English origin are formed by adding ES.

1 HERO is – 2 HEROES are
1 POTATO is – 2 POTATOES are
1 ECHO is – 2 ECHOES are

Sometimes plural new nouns or ones that have a Spanish or Latin origin are formed by simply adding the letter S.

1 PIANO is – 2 PIANOS are
1 STUDIO is – 2 STUDIOS are
1 RADIO is – 2 RADIOS are

To form plurals of nouns ending in the letter Y, we replace the Y with IES

1 PARTY is – 2 PARTIES are
1 LADY is – 2 LADIES are

To form plurals of nouns ending in F or FE, we replace the F or FE with VES

1 WOLF is – 2 WOLVES are
1 WIFE is – 2 WIVES are
1 HALF is- 2 HALVES are

All this might seem a little confusing, but don’t worry. When talking, most plural nouns simply have a S sound at the end. It is only when you have to write these plurals you might have to look in a dictionary.

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