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Fun vs. Funny en Inglés

In this English lesson you will learn the difference between FUN and FUNNY. This is a very common mistake for Spanish speakers.

As always in the Hablamos Ingles lessons, we will teach you the common uses of these words and show you how not to make mistakes when speaking English.


Fun is used to describe something that you enjoy doing.

It is fun to play football
I have fun when I learn English
I have lots of plans for the weekend, it is going to be fun

Something that you like to do, something that makes you smile is fun.


Funny is normally used to talk about things that make you laugh.

This movie is very funny, I haven’t stopped laughing
I always laugh at funny jokes
I like going out with Paul, he is very funny

Try to remember the rule like this;

I really like to watch football, I have fun watching football. I enjoy watching football. I don’t normally laugh watching football, football isn’t normally funny.

FUN for something that you enjoy.
FUNNY for something that makes you laugh.

Simple isn’t it. Now that you have learnt this rule, lets look at some more uses for FUNNY, which is very useful.

Funny can also be used to describe; strange, odd and unusual

I have drunk too much wine, I head feels funny.
There is a funny smell in this room.
What is wrong with David, he is acting funny with me
This milk tastes funny, how old is it?

All these examples are very common in English and none of them are associated with laughing. In fact, the opposite as they are used in a negative way which is not normal.

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  1. Imanol (Reply) on Saturday 19, 2009

    Very helpful lesson. Thanks!

  2. Vicko (Reply) on Saturday 19, 2009

    You helped me a lot, I had doubts about those 2 words,
    thank you :)

  3. Lupita (Reply) on Saturday 19, 2009


    one question?….when you use fun as something that you enjoy,
    how do you make that a comparative/superlative adjective?… then you
    use it as funny ….funnier/ funniest?… please send me your answers,
    I will appreciate.

    • Hablamos Ingles on Saturday 19, 2009

      More fun / the most fun

  4. Antonio Lizana (Reply) on Saturday 19, 2009

    I was doing some marketing banner in english and this helped me a lot! But what about the word amusing? Can I use it instead of Fun or Funny? I think it is more similar to fun. Thanks!